the big hoo-ha in blogosphere now

i hardly read xiaxue’s blog, but since hearing all the comments about a recent post she’s made, i was intrigued to go read her. i don’t have much to do anyway. i read, had a good laugh, and went to MOST of the blogs of the 7 bloggers she mentioned.

obviously, no SL coz i absolutely abhore him. it irks me to see him getting that much attention (not that i’m jealous of what, coz obviously he’s a damn pest that shld be ridden), and he lapping it all up. i have no idea why that man cannot understand that we’re laughing AT him, not with him. if you have no idea, i boycott him. you may wonder “so why are you still blogging abt him?”. i don’t know. perhaps i just need a channel to voice out how much i dislike him and think that he should just wake up his fucking idea. like, hello? he’s obviously NOT a good-looking guy at all, not to mention, the most gorgeous-looking guy ever. the sight of him, and hearing his voice (+ bad english) just makes me barf big time. i don’t know who gave him the idea that he’s pretty popular (my bet is he’s just notorious, but he wouldn’t know the difference). he’s just plain ol’ disgusting and self-deluded, no doubts about that.

i’ve got no comments against the rest she mentioned. can’t say anything much about maia, except that i know she’s a good person, albeit a little twisted? and in fact, she and aileen were the ones who discovered and made me realise what a conniving twisted little bitch that sue-ann was. i don’t talk to her now, she probably doesn’t even remember me anyway, but the fact that she and aileen are still in contact and pretty good friends, i think she’s a pretty good girl! i remember being in awe of her when she shaved her head and backpacked half the globe, i was like “girl, you’re so cooool!”. haha.

other than keeping myself entertained by reading xx’s blog, it’s been pretty boring for me at the mo’. watching wife swap daily on tv in the afternoon (that show rocks, damn entertaining and heartwarming), then BB at night, occasionally numb3rs or without a trace. i wish i have got something to do here!!!!!!!


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