wth is wrong with people nowadays?!

first of all, let me rant about this stupid uncle who is in charge of this shipping company liasing with jetta. he is what i call irritating and annoying.

1) he called me for the first time today and blamed me for not leaving a contact number on the form i filled up when i sent my packages back via jetta express australia. so he said he had to call jetta up and get my number, and jetta took very long to reply him. he said i should have left my contact number on all the boxes (i only put my name and address) but it isn’t my fault right? how can i anyhow leave my contact number on the boxes? what if people anyhow call me?! *i know low possibility, but you’ll never know!* it’s quite common sense to put address just in case packages get lost in transit, so i did the common sense thing and put my address. apparently, it’s not enough for this uncle. so he scolded me for not putting my number. ok, nevermind. i tahan.

2) later in the afternoon, he calls me up again and scolds me again! this time, it’s because i had a bottle of duty free bailey’s in one of the boxes and he claims that i didn’t inform them, and my packages got held up by customs as a result. i remember very clearly that i noted down somewhere in the forms required by jetta. when the pickup man sent by jetta came by my place to collect my items, i’m sure he saw the form (even if he didn’t, one of the guys in the office processing my items should have seen them), and he didn’t mention that it wasn’t allowed. how was i supposed to know that jetta didn’t pass on the details that i gave them so clearly?! then he say “you inform jetta, but you didn’t inform me”. so i told him “how i know that you didn’t know?! you also didn’t ask. how would i know what jetta tell you?” i’m not a bloody mind reader ok!!! i was infuriated already, and he still had to say “miss ah, you should know mah! everyone knows that it’s international law, cannot mail this kind of items. must hand carry. why everybody know, you don’t know?” eh uncle, are you bloody deaf or what? i told you it’s my first time sending items back already right? and you don’t bloody assume that i drink alot of alcohol ok! bloody hell, people don’t drink, how people know the law regarding alcohol. now, this is my first time sending items back home, how was i supposed to know i cannot send such items? so i told the annoying uncle that i didn’t know *again*, and i already have other items that i’m carrying on board (my mum buy one lah then left with me), so i didn’t carry THAT particular one. then he went on to scold me “if you can carry the other bottles, why didn’t you bring this one?” his tone was getting loud er and louder and i was getting more and more pissed off! so i replied him in a even louder voice saying “uncle, the ones that i’m carrying on board are already open. i can’t possibly put them in the boxes that i sent back, later leak all over the other stuff how? worse right? the one that i packed inside is brand new, unopen!”. he also said i should have told him when he called me so many times today (first time to inform me that my packages are here and to get some documentation details. 2nd time to confirm delivery). wah lao eh, sibei pissed off already. give him business still kena scolding. wtf.


3 thoughts on “wth is wrong with people nowadays?!

  1. ROFL.

    That unker, Singaporean ah? Why all the ee-ah-ah-si-meh-si-meh one?

    And babe, seriously bad luck man! I’d have yelled into the phone if I were you! (But then again, maybe not. Scully he kidnap all my items then how?)

    Bottomline, just bad luck. Pui.

    Come back soon, I bring you go eat Ding Tai Fung ok, “boyfriend”! 😛


  2. kris says:

    u mean until now all yr stuffs still in the air or wat?

    the uncle maybe din have a good night with his wife.

    bless u.

    and for u… pls complaint!


  3. p.sawyer says:

    my stuff reached sg already, but apparently, they charged me 3 times (my mum say one). gotta check my bank records and see if they charge wrongly.

    how to complain? the uncle’s english so bad that i couldn’t even catch the company’s name.


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