i haven’t been updating because…

i’m lazy.

i just don’t feel like updating, luckily, i’m not a full-time blogger (i wouldn’t be anyway, coz my entries are so darn boring, no one wants to read them for entertainment. ha).

nothing interesting going on in my life anyway. just these few things:
– haircut and colour (both dictated by hairstylist. i don’t really care much about hair and always cut and colour on impulse. my only requirement for hair is that must be easy to manage. told ya i’m LAZY!)
– job applications and interviews. (why so many people say job market is doing so well now, but i can’t find an employer who’s willing to pay me my expected salary?!)
– teeth and braces. expecting to put in molar bands next week or so. kinda excited coz i’ve been waiting for like 5 YEARS!
– diet and exercise plan. trying to lose some weight to look good for convo in sept.
– tv and more tv. watching house, numb3rs on tv since i’ve got nothing to do.
– all-purchases ban. realised that i’ve got way too many clothes (time to pack old clothes for salvos) and body/skincare items that i really need to go through all of them, finish them before i can buy another one.


One thought on “i haven’t been updating because…

  1. wanyi says:

    hey hey hey… looks like u’re back to e singaporean life-style….hair styling…dieting…tv…and job interviewing.. hahha.. tat is not so much of a singaporean style.. but tat’s wt we do back in sinagpore yah… =)

    saw the list of ppl on ur list who’ll read ur blog..and i saw my name.. is tat me? or is tat another wanyi friend of urs?.. seeing so few names make me feel kinda special though.. =) … but if i’m mistaken… nvm then.. ahha..


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