i love you!

i just have to say, i’m thankful for my mum and dad. just love them both to bits. and i love the fact that we hardly have that generation gap between us. how many parents will let their kids call them names like “orange”, “carebear”, “ah fat” and still laugh along, not taking offense? i know mine do. =)

and they will do absolutely everything for me. ok, maybe not everything – i still have to tie my own shoelaces, feed myself etc. but as long as it’s within their means, they’ll do it. like earlier last week, i was feeling unwell in the middle of the night. i just crawled up to mummy, and she took care of me till i fell asleep. and early this morning, i decided to go to the dentist, dad took urgent leave for the morning, drove me there and waited with me. he bought me yummy porridge for breakfast as well. when i suggested going to upp east coast to try the hk cafe there, he was a tad reluctant, but still brought me there. and he paid for dinner, and paid for the parking ticket we got too (i did my part to cheer him up too coz i know it’s partly my fault that we got the ticket).

i know my parents will give everything to make me happy, and i love them too! now i want to get a job soon, so that they need not support me financially, and we can go for holiday trips overseas, expenses beared by me!


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