rainy days

this entry is going to be superbly random.

i had a horrible nightmare a few nights ago. of all things, i dreamt that i lost almost all my teeth on the right side of my mouth. and the reason is pretty silly. i joined this TV gameshow with a theme of dental hygiene. so for every question you get right, you have to pluck out one of your own teeth, by your self. *don’t ask, it’s a nightmare, it’s illogical!* and me, being the gei kiang person, answered a lot of questions and got them right. so there you have it, i’m half bo-gay-less. and very scarily, when i attempted to remove one of my tooth, it cracked, and i only managed to get half out. i was in terrible pain after that and i was coughing badly. cough cough cough, and i coughed out the other half of my cracked tooth, root included!!! horror of all horrors. absolutely disgusting.

i woke up at this point, so terrified that i crawled up to mummy again. i desperately felt the right side of my mouth with my tongue, and luckily, all my teeth are intact. phew.

dinner & dessert:
i made half of a dinner for my family on saturday evening. dad bought 2 fresh salmon fillets and i decided to cook them for dinner (also because ah ma always overcook salmon and dad hates that). i decided on lemon garlic salmon,and a mixed salad. so i bugged dad to bring me to fairprice finest to get ingredients, and i swear, i won’t go there again unless i’m in the vicinity. things there are expensive and most of the things i wanted are OOS. duh.

anyway, salmon and salad are successful though the salmon wasn’t quite what i expected. and i actually planned to make some cupcakes for dad and mum to bring to work this week, however due to time constraints, i didn’t manage to do so. so on sunday, i made dad tiramisu instead! yummy!


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