of graduation and road trips

yeap, i’m back from the land of vast greens. anyway, graduation was fun, quite like the way i wanted it. low key affair, with just a few close friends. not like i had many friends over there anyway. the regalia was super annoying coz i’m small-sized by their standards, and the gown keeps slipping backwards, pulling my regalia backwards together with it and attempting to ruin my very expensive country road cashmere cardigan. not forgetting how the regalia kept slipping off my shoulders. grrr… i hate the regalia part.

then we spent lots of time with Ann and her family. the boys are absolutely cute and entertaining! the young one adores dad coz dad makes him laugh, while the older one insists on mum playing with him and sleeping with him. i’m missing them already!

roadtrip was fun and relaxing too (my fourth roadtrip in 2 years, to almost all the exact same places. -_-), we’ve been to most of the places, and know what we like and didn’t, so it was a slow-paced trip. none of the numerous wineries this time round coz we don’t drink. only a stopover at sandalford to get a gift for Ann. none of the chocolate factory too coz it’s chocolate overload at home already. more of the nature walks and flower parks. did i mention that most of that is free too? =D

pictures coming up real soon coz paranoid dad brought the camera to work with him, for whatever reasons unknown to me. it’s not like he uses the camera OR his laptop at work.

i think i’m most suited for school life. i haven’t started work, but yet i’m dreading working life already. i can’t wait for a couple of years to pass before i head back to do a masters.


One thought on “of graduation and road trips

  1. joyce says:

    hey welcome backk! perth sounds fun la i havent even been there yet =( when are you starting work? i’ll be free nextweek i think..we can hangout.


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