Are you offering me a job or what?!

I decided to actively search for a job while waiting for Danzel to return from China and help me secure an interview. So I logged on to my favourite job websites and applied for a few that looked interesting. I received 2 calls today, less than an hour after I applied for those positions. The first was from a recruitment agency, lady was pleasant and helped me get a temp job. I appreciate that!

The second is what I want to talk (or rather, rant) about here. I assume she’s the owner of the business and she started grilling me about my resume and what I can offer the company. I ended up being so irritated with her and her ‘I’m older, so listen to what I have to say’ speech that I was bordering on being rude, and contemplated hanging up on her! This is what she said to me:

1. So did you get your degree via distance learning or… (I cut in at this point and told her straight that I was in Australia for that 2 years and got my degree there.)
2. Oh, so you were a full time student there and just entered the workforce. (condescending tone here!)
3. You wrote in your resume that your expected salary is $xxxx, is that negotiable? (I replied, of course. I already stated negotiable there leh!)
4. But I have to tell you, because you’re only 22, and you have no working experience, your ideal salary is not realistic. (I retorted, but this is market rate now! The industry is doing so well, I don’t expect to receive a diploma holder’s pay when I’m a degree holder. I am willing to go lower but definitely not too low till it’s diploma rate. I understand that I’m a fresh graduate, but I believe whatever I’ve learned in Australia during my university years will be advantageous to the company.)
5. Lady keeps on going on about how unrealistic I am, says that it doesn’t matter that I’m a foreign graduate, or even a graduate for that matter. There’s no difference. Even if she’s willing to pay me $1700-$1800, what she’s looking for is what the individual can give the company. (If there’s no difference between a diploma holder and a university graduate, then why does the government and many others emphasize the importance of education? Of course a graduate would have more intimate knowledge about what he/she has studied for the past few years! And what, you’re going to pay me less than $1700? Bye bye!!! Don’t waste my time.)
6. Lady keeps on going on about how unrealistic I am, says if I want a pay that high, I should be applying to MNCs, and even gives me a word of ‘advice’, “and MNCs only start recruitment in January”. (well, thanks very much, I already have applied to MNCs and I’m pretty sure they’ll be offering something close to market rate. It’s your misleading advertisement that made me think that you’re a MNC!)

The idiotic company is this ->

Having complained above, it is not to say that I’m snobbish and demanding, but come on lah. If you’re only willing to pay for a diploma holder, then why call me and ask me to lower till that rate? And don’t give me a pep talk, asking me to be realistic and that there’s no difference between a graduate and a diploma holder. You infuriate me because you’re discounting my 2 years of study and make me sound like a haughty princess who live in my own bubble world! You are the one who should be realistic, fancy you wanting to hire a graduate with a less than diploma holder pay!


4 thoughts on “Are you offering me a job or what?!

  1. kris says:

    i think all of us can make better website for this company babe. e moment i look at it… jia lat… dun think of entering the company la… they dun even wanna hire someone to design company webby, how will they pay u high?


  2. I have interviewed many people before, and with me would be a lady from HR to be somewhat an in-between the interviewer and interviewee. She would be as condescending as the person who interviewed you, and that really pissed me off.

    The interviewee has every right to ask for what’s in the market rate now, and if you can’t meet that, then just end the interview. There’s no need for such patronising “advice”. And for them to actually offer you less than a diploma holder’s pay simply means she wasn’t even doing her job to follow market trends.


  3. p.sawyer says:

    Wow! Thanks girls for the support. You know, I actually thought about this particular entry for a whole night, wondering if I am really that spoilt and princessy cos I seem to be turning down *almost* every job offer. I was afraid that I might get some snide comment saying ‘you ain’t worth $1700’ or something along that line. Hah.

    But on a happy note, I have an interview for a temp job (4 mths, covering maternity leave) on Monday, and hopefully I get it cos the other working conditions are pretty ok! =)


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