the days

i seriously miss the days in poly. all my friends were nice, good, decent people. no swearing (at all!), no rough behaviour, no nonsense. when i was in overseas, the people that i got to know sweared like it was part of the english language. and no, they weren’t angry people at all. to be part of the group, i joined in swearing, but only when i was extremely pissed off with something or someone. but i couldn’t force myself to do something i didn’t like. i stopped after a few times, because i realised i was losing myself. my identity. who i really was. i’m not someone who would swear at anyone, anything, at anytime, anywhere. it makes me irritated. that’s why most of my friends are non-swearers. i lose my patience with people who swear non-stop.

i just detest swearing and ‘swearers’.


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