the usual

i apologise for not updating… but you know, it’s not easy to wake up at 6.30am every day, and only going to bed at 11pm. 7.5 hrs of sleep does not cut it for me ok! i need 10!

i’ve landed myself a temp job and started work on monday. so far so good, days have been relatively quiet, sometimes to the extent of being boring. but i guess that’s only because the full workload has not been directed to me. yet.

now i know why mum and dad don’t like to go out after work, choosing to go straight home and just chillax. even though i spend my time doing almost nothing at work, but it can be quite tiring and taxing on the mind too… especially when i have to pretend that i’m very busy when in actual fact, i’m day-dreaming! very stressful one, you know!

i also bought quite a number of new clothing cos i’ve got nothing suitable to wear for work… *tan dio!* bought a couple of dresses that are suitable for both work and casual, a pair of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, a pencil skirt, a pair of mng jeans (on the sideline.. haha). all sponsored by my lovely parents! and my sis dug out her wardrobe, and gave me a brand new shirt and some dresses too! muahahaha. did i mention that i love them so?

fake lashes arrived this afternoon together with my Snet order, just before i went out to buy lunch. i played with my new toys.. so happy! they arrived just in time for dua gu’s birthday dinner tonight!


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