in between jobs

i’m taking a break from the boring data entry i’ve been doing since after lunch. i think primary schools should have classes to teach their students to write legibly. some people out there have handwriting that only they themselves are able to understand. it’s worse than a doctor’s handwriting. like what my colleague has told me, some days are slow and boring, others are fast-paced and full of problems. yesterday was full of adrenaline, today is as slow as my metabolism rate. almost the whole dept is away, leaving only my boss, a sales guy and me. how boring and quiet.

i’m finding someone from the neighbouring dept quite cute. haha.


something major happened unexpectedly to my best friend, and yet there’s nothing i can do, but be there for her. i hope my presence is good enough for her.


One thought on “in between jobs

  1. kris says:

    you have been great gal. thanks for being the first one to be there for me. thou’ i couldnt think of any words to describe how touched i am. help mi thank yr mummy and family too.


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