why the unfriendliness

today has been a busy and bad day at work. customers and salesguys calling and hounding me to advance orders, not taking ‘no’ for a reply. i’m already like so busy and stressed up to my eyeballs, but colleagues (from another dept, thank God) are still giving me dirty looks and not friendly, not helping.

this particular lady from another dept always walks past me on the way to the pantry, and unlike other friendly people in the company, she always puts on a stern face or looks very unhappy. no matter how i try to smile at her whenever i catch her glancing at me (not even looking at me in the eye), she’s still the same unfriendly lady. my job doesn’t require me to interact with her, so i’m fine with it.

till today. she’s helping a colleague (who’s on leave) take charge of some accounts, so unfortunately i’d have to deal with her. i admit i wasn’t that eloquent or smooth, but i don’t think my language is that bad till she couldn’t understand me despite me repeating and rephrasing my questions like 5x.

i’m in such a bad mood today. i want to stab eyeballs out of her!!!


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