gift ideas for co-workers!

all of you may know that i’ve just started work not long ago, and hence i haven’t thought about giving Xmas favours since i’m only a temp girl here. but today, one of the girls here brought some goodies and distributed them in the office. to my surprise, i have one too! out of courtesy, i decided to get a little something for some of the office people too.

i do not have much money to spare, especially for things like little gifts to present to co-workers, but i also didn’t want to give common gifts like chocolates and candies. so there i was, at my workstation, daydreaming (mondays are pretty slow for me) when suddenly i had an urge to visit Etsy (a platform for sellers from all over the world to sell their HANDMADE items). from there, i got some ideas as to what to give colleagues, other than the usual chocolate bundles (usually 2-4 hershey kisses bundled together in pretty cellophane paper, complete with a cute little bow).

here are some of the things that i think are wonderful as gifts, and they aren’t too expensive at all!

Pretty Raspberry Paisley Waterdrop Magnets (US$6.00 for 10 magnets, US$4.00 for shipping)

These minty, soothing, paisley shapes are right at home on the bright raspberry colored background!

These sweet little gems are made from flattened glass marbles and a small circle of ribbon. The glass acts as a magnifier and enlarges the image beneath it. You will receive ten magnets individually wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a mini organza pouch for shipping.

Custom Bookmark Wool Felt Huge Paper Clip (US$6.00 for 1, US$3.00 for shipping)

This is a 4 3/4 inch (12 cm) long 1 inch (2.5 cm)wide HUGE metal paper clip can be used for paper, to sort your business cards, hold your outgoing bills, use it in your car on your CD or DVD visor to hold your mad money or coffee card. Wool felt circle measures 2 inches in diameter.

Best of all use it for a BOOKMARK to elegantly decorate your latest read. Keep for yourself of give as a gift to that special bookworm that you know…maybe your child’s Homeroom teacher? Mailman? Administrative assistant? Special friend or co-worker?

The Penny Paper Clip™ is an original design by Happy House Quilts and can be made with various colors. Inspired by penny rugs that have been used for decades this design layered concentric circles positioned a little off center to make a pleasing design. The outer circle is doubled up to cover the back. It’s *SIX* layers of WOOL felt: in strawberry, cranberry, garden green and hunter green for an Old Fashioned Holiday color scheme.

Smaller versions sold in sets of 4 on 1 inch paper clips also available.

Christmas Monogram Tags (US$0.75 for 1, shipping to be advised)

These monogram tags are the perfect accent for your Christmas gift giving. Tie them on a package, hang them over a bottle of wine or even trim the tree with these festive tags! They are the perfect addition to any gift, scrapbook page or card! These tags are made from quality scrapbooking products and are acid free. Each tag us unique and measures 2 3/8″ by 4 3/4″. Each tag must be purchased separately, but shipping will be discounted on more than 1.

Holiday Joy – A Trio of Colourful Paperclip Bookmarks (US$3.50 for 3, shipping to be advised)

These original bookmarks are made with coated jumbo paperclips. They are the perfect size to mark your favorite book, notepad, an interesting paragraph in your economics textbook…you name it!

Using 1 1/8″ size button, each is covered with high-end fabric in coordinating styles. Some of them have coordinating ribbons to give them a really whimsical appearance.

Holiday Swirls – Set of 2 Bookmarks (US$4.50 for 2, US$2 for shipping)

Hold your place in that book you’re reading or keep a stack of papers neat and organized with these fun paper clip bookmarks. A perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list! 1 1/8″ fabric covered buttons are attached to 3 1/2″ jumbo paper clips.

Button earrings covered in red snowflakes cloth (US$4.00 for 1 pair, shipping to be advised)

Earrings measures 5/8” and are permanently attached to the Surgical Steel ear stud.

Japanese Inspired Card Case (US$5.00 for 1, US$4.00 for shipping)

This sweet case is made from a Japanese inspired floral print on rich red cotton and is lined with a blue and white polka dot cotton fabric. Closes with a turquoise colored metal snap.

Interfaced with heavy weight pellon for strength and stability.

These card cases measure 4.5″ x 3″ and will hold up to 50 standard sized business cards.

Banana scented soap bar (US$4.50 for 1, US$3.25 for shipping)


Fabric covered button mirror (US$4.00 for 1, US$3.25 for shipping)

Like chocolate and vanilla go together, so do pink and brown!

This is a handpressed pocket mirror made with my trusty tecre buttonmaker. It measures 2 1/4 inches and has bright and beautiful pink and brown stripe fabric.

A great little gifty idea for the most important person and that would be you!

Delicious Lip Butters (US$2.50 for 1, US$2 for shipping)

Packed with lots of good-for-your lips ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, and soy, these yummy lip balms soothe and protect while giving your lips just a hint of glossy shine. In over a dozen fun flavors! Balms are sweetened unless otherwise noted. Packaged in a .15 oz. twist-up tube.

Mini Perfect Perfumes (US$1.80 for 2, shipping to be advised)

Now you can try TWO mini Perfect Perfumes before you buy! Yay!

These lovely little sample size perfume oils are a fantastic way for you to try any two of the many delightful scents in my shop. The scents used in these perfumes correspond exactly to the scents used in all of my other fabulous products. So (for example) if you want to buy a couple of my Delectable Body Creams, but you’re unsure of whether or not you will like the scent, you can get a set of these magnificent mini size perfume oils and see if you like the scents!

You will will get TWO sample size Perfect Perfumes (1 mL per vial).

Make A Wish button set (US$6.50 for set of 3, US$3.50 for shipping)

Here is a 3 piece badge/button set taken from my “Make a Wish” print (also for sale in my shop!)

Super cute as a gift for a someone or as a treat for yourself!!!


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