6 billion souls, and all i need is one.

i first posted the below entry on May 15 this year. who knows, 7 months down the road, i’m feeling the same way again.


have you ever wondered how is it possible to feel so alone when there are so many people out there? i know i have.

was watching this show, and this girl mentioned that there are more than 6 billion people on this earth, and all you need, is just one soul to make you feel warm. true. so very true. i don’t know 6 million people, but i do have a lot of people in my life. and every night, as i sit in front of my computer, i feel alone. i know it seems like i’m unappreciative of what i have in my life, but believe me, i’m not. i do appreciate every thing i have, and i thank God all the time for giving me all these. it’s just that sometimes i feel like i’m stuck in a moment in time. everywhere i turn, all i see are things in pairs. and the only thing that is single, is me.

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