my day out

i forgot to bring my phone to work yesterday, so though i had the thought of asking best friend 2 out for dinner, i had to wait till i got home after work. when i reached home, i received a msg from her, asking me to reply to her earlier msg, which was asking me to go out for dinner today. talk abt 心灵相通!

so i met her after church today and i decided to drive since dad’s going to spend the day at home. i tell you!!! i swear shoppers in orchard are 50% brainy, 50% idiots. i seriously don’t understand why they must choose to jaywalk orchard road when there are underpasses and proper pedestrian crossings nearby. i nearly knocked down 2 ppl when i turned into that road. it wasn’t me, but they were standing like right in the middle of my lane with no intention of moving out of my way. -_-“WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PPL?

anyway, i spent a great 4 hours with best friend 2, eating and chit chatting about all the stupid and fun things we have encountered since our last catch up. i love meeting up with her because then, i feel sane. she laughs at my jokes, tells me off when i’m being silly, and is frank with me with my auntie thoughts and dressing. i do the same back to her because she’s just as funny, silly and auntie as me too. ha ha ha. i love my friends because i get to be the real me, very lazy, auntish and tak glam me. =)

as usual, we touched on the topic of relationships. i decided to listen to best friend 2 (to prevent her from saying ‘i told you so’) and get active online. i mean, even my dad is more active online than me to the extent that he notices my absence from MSN! wah lao.

and best friend 2, hop on to my beauty blog for the links. =P


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