dinner with the uni peeps

tuesday night was spent catching up with the uni ppl (i don’t have many friends from uni. most of us are superficial friends in the sense that we only gather together while in perth because we don’t have our true close friends with us.). anyway, these ppl are true friends because they’re pretty much like my friends in sg! very real, loyal and funny people.

w just came back from HK not long ago (lucky her!) while e is just enjoying his newly married life, and what’s left of his holidays. we had dinner at crystal jade la mian xiao long bao, not too bad. but surprisingly, i was feeling pretty full from the mere 5 dishes that we ordered! we made such a lot of noise, talking and laughing that the couple from the next table were looking at us. *oops*

we later adjourned to coffee bean but not before walking around the whole shopping complex to digest part of our meal. we were seriously walking around aimlessly, not really looking at anything. i guess that always happens when we are caught up in our chats.

then while w was away for a short while, e told me this which i think i really have to implement in order to make a difference to my life since best friend 2 has also reflected the same sentiment. ‘there should always be a balance between work and play. remember to ask your friends out ok? don’t be so caught up with work till you forget everything else’

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