work issues

i asked my product mgr who’s leaving the local mkt to join the regional team if our boss has requested HR to get a new person in. she has. =(

my mgr (the one i’m standing in for) is returning on monday, 3 wks earlier than expected. and since wednesday, i’ve been feeling pretty upset. because many of my colleagues have been saying ‘can’t wait for her to come back. everything will be back to normal.’ etc etc. like i’ve been making a mess out of things in office.

the first product mgr that i’ve mentioned earlier in this entry has also asked me to help her design some materials for a project. so i did. after i did the first one, she asked me to do up one more to explain our products in details (which is almost the same as the first one i did). anyway, i did because she kept insisting on that the 2nd pc would be essential. ok, i did it, spending almost 2 days on it, and had to submit to my boss for approval. guess what? my boss rejected my 2nd pc, saying that it’s almost the same as the first one, why need to do another one? &^%$#@ waste my time. and i cannot say that it’s by request of my product mgr because then it would make me look like a fool (because i could have told her that they’re the same thing, and reject doing the 2nd pc).

oh well. i’m just getting less motivated at work now. i may be getting too sensitive, i feel like i don’t belong there anymore because my time is up.

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