I applied for a marcom position in a shopping centre a few days ago after I saw that they were hiring (it’s my dream job!). I hope I get it as I don’t really like the thought of being jobless all over again… Not sure when they’re closing the position but I’ve just sent them an email enquiring this. I hope I get a reply soon because I have another job offer, but I really want to try out this marcom position.

My current dept manager has just spoken to me today regarding an open position for a sales executive (one of them just tendered today). It sounds good and interesting, but not as enticing as the marcom position. One plus point would be I’d know the products and system well as I’ve been on the marketing team for the past few months, I know how the company works. I’d rather go for the familiar than unfamiliar. I also feel appreciated as my manager is willing to take the risk to hire me as a sales executive though I don’t have the experience.

BUT Sales isn’t really my area of interest though I can do sales. In addition, I’ll have to buy my own car if I decide to take up the sales executive offer! I’m afraid that if I go for the sales job and get the car required, what if I feel that I’m not suitable for the job a few months down the road? I definitely do not need the liability! So should I or should I not?


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