hooked again

I’m a terrible sucker for tw idol dramas. I love watching these shows even though their storylines are oh-so-predictable. So anyway, since dad cancelled my ch 56 on scv, I haven’t been getting my regular dose of tw dramas. I thought I had more or less weened off them cos I don’t watch them in Australia anyway. But since coming back, I’ve been seeing all the adverts for new shows but I can’t have any of them. My colleague introduced me to this website that shows all the asian dramas and surprise! They have the new drama ‘why why love’ starring rainie yang (yuck), and mike he! I love mike he, he’s so cuteeeee! I think there’s only a total of 15 episodes, so I’m trying to limit myself to only 1 episode a day. Not like I have a lot of time to watch 2 episodes in 1 day anyway.  


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