busy half day!

i’m on half day leave today cos i’m due for braces tightening. so i left office at abt 1230 (shiok ah… nothing much to do in office today, so basically whole day relac relac), met mum and had lunch before popping by the dental clinic. now i have red on top, light blue for bottom teeth.

then mum and i went to the salon to colour our hair. i did rich chocolate brown, mum did purple. i love my hair colour now. i’ve always like dark chocolate colours… makes my hair look very glossy.

i did the inevitable – shopping!!! i bought a pair of blue peep toe flats from gripz. love the colour and the bold colour stripes. also popped by tangs (my favourite-test shopping place!) and got myself a martina pink dress, FOUR bras and some heel liners. the martina pink dress is really a splurge… so expensive, but i like martina pink!!!

ok, low quality pictures coming soon (sis took off with the good digicam to europe. yeah, she’s in europe now, just left yesterday. without me!!! humph!)


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