my shoes!

i’m not much of a shoe freak as compared to my sister (she has like ten thousand pairs of heels!) but i’m pretty much a ballet flats person. nothing interesting to blog about lately, so i decided to write about my favourite shoes.

most of my favoured shoes are bought in australia. i love this particular brand called ‘i love billy’ and i was introduced to it by my then-housemate. i find this brand of shoes very comfortable (they use leather for most of their shoes) and well worth the price (they cost abt AUD$60 on average).

My favourite pair:

i think my favourite pair of shoes to date would be this pair of white ballet flats from marie claire. it has got 2 silver stripes on the side (looks pretty much like the asics design), and it’s lined with leather. i bought it with best friend 1 when i was in poly, but hardly wear it then because it makes my feet hot. but it’s suitable for cold weather and i’ve worn it to death in perth. i threw it away when i was moving back here as there was some tiny holes already. i still feel sad cos i really love that pair but it has seen better days. i’m still trying to find a replacement for it!

My current favourite:

It has got to be this pair of red ballet flats from I Love Billy. My ex-housemate actually has an exact pair in tan (ok, I was the copycat. haha… but I got mine cheaper than her cos I bought it at a sale!) It’s extremely comfortable and soft, hardly gives me blister unless I’ve walked too much during the day. I wish I have it in other colours too cos it’s very comfortable for work (red may not match what I’m wearing).


Most recent buy:

i recently bought a pair of shoes from gripz. i really liked the design (flat, peep toe) and the colour (rich cornflower blue with green and white glitter stripes at the toes area). that pair costs me $50. sadly, i think the quality of the shoes doesn’t match the high price tag (i’m a scrooge when it comes to shoes, so $50 is a lot to me!). the first day i wore it, the soles came off as they were not glued properly. i finally brought it back for repairs on the eve of NY, so hopefully they will last this time!


Other favourite shoes:

imgp1128.jpg Gold ballet flats from Amy Rosa. These look good but are a little hard on the heels. I think they were AUD$50/60.

imgp1127.jpg My cherry and lime keds. They cost AUD$60 per pair but are so comfortable and casual! My ex-housemate also bought Keds because of my influence! LOL

imgp1123.jpg Mondo pumps. I like these, but the quality is simply too bad! The heel cap dropped off on the 1st day I wore them, I got them repaired and the decorative ribbon dropped off next! Grrr…. now I gotta go Spotlight and buy some nice stuff to decorate my shoes.


3 thoughts on “my shoes!

  1. p.sawyer says:

    I bought Keds at Myers but I think they may have changed the designs now. Need to check the Keds US websites for latest offerings. I think SG is selling much cheaper for Keds. Maybe you can check the designs you want, and I’ll check local stores for you.

    The gold Amy Rosa flats are from Zomp (King St & Claremont) – but the King St store is much bigger, and they often have discounts on certain colours of shoes.

    I Love Billy shoes are also available at Zomp but I bought them at the discount shoe place (Shoe Show – along Murray St. Shoe Show is much cheaper when they have those buy 2nd pair at 50% off promos.


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