new wants!

i plan to get the following… if anyone wants to give me presents, i don’t mind! =P

  • namecard holder – got it! Mum gave me a nice leather one! =)
  • multi photo frame, something like this
  • mini toys of moringo, moriji and mokozi, and their friend Torto!
  • the square cushion just below the square strawberry cushion is cute too
  • 曹格’s new CD, Super Sunshine. I absolutely love the song 爱爱. So catchy!

5 thoughts on “new wants!

  1. Daphne says:

    kris, where got ppl give present on good friday one? hahaha… no lah… i’m just lemming for some stuff to decorate my table. 😛

    jac, yay! actually i tried to find mini moringos yesterday at action city bugis.. but now the moringos not nice leh… look so alienish. and no more moriji! mokozi looks ugly… but they have new one, lemonzi!


  2. HAHAHAHAHA LEMONZI. Little lemons running around??

    I’m quite into carebears these days leh. Want to get something to hug in Mickey’s car! We should go action city together hahahahaha, the Sotong looks quite cute also, no? 😛


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