hanging out on a Friday night

i knocked off early yesterday cos i wanted to go home and change before heading down to dinner at harbourfront with the colleagues, so boss granted me time off.

anyway, i was still late cos the-IT-guy-who-jumped-ship who was picking me up from home told me “ok lah, not in a hurry, take your time”. so i took my time, going for a guzzle and a wash before i went home. i still ended up rushing down to meet him. haha. i didn’t know that he took time off too, shortly after i left the office, so when i was taking a guzzle, he was already near my residence. the-rocker-dude kept calling us, asking where were we, and why were we taking so long. haha.. *oops! blame it on the girl this time round*

so we went for sushi tei at vivocity (boss’ treat) and drinks at harry’s (still boss’ treat). the-rocker-dude sat beside me at both places, and i almost wanted to smack him in his face. i guess being the youngest and the only girl in the dept made me an easy target for nonstop teasing. it also didn’t help that i hardly get angry with him cos he’s damn funny.

after the rest left, the-IT-guy-who-jumped-ship and i went walking around cos i wanted to check out action city at vivo (see if they have any cute moringos), then we went for some market visit. as we were walking back to the car, boss called the-IT-guy-who-jumped-ship and checked if we were alright. apparently, he called me but i didn’t answer my phone so he got worried (cos the guys had some beer). i thought boss should be 习惯就好 cos i can never hear my phone ring. the-rocker-dude always say “不懂你有电话来干吗的。你从来都不听的啰!!” i totally agree with him. LOL

while on the way back, we made a detour to dempsey for ice-cream, all because the fussy princess is feeling hungry and wanted ice-cream. what can i say? it was 2 hours after sushi tei, and i’m hungry again. =P to repay the-IT-guy-who-jumped-ship who has been so nice, i gave him a treat too. actually wanted to ask the-car-fanatic along since he stays so near, but it was so crowded that we couldn’t get a table, so we gave up on the idea of chilling further. instead, we walked around dempsey cos it was my first time there, believe it or not. *on a side note, it was also my first time to vivo & harbourfront* the-rocker-dude thinks that i’m a singaporean who spent most of my time in the Himalayans mountains.

anyway, now then i know dempsey got a lot of food places leh! maybe can go there for next chill out session with the guys. *i think i’ve been in the mountains too*


5 thoughts on “hanging out on a Friday night

  1. I’m confused already. Car fanatic is not that fella with low suspensions and very bad driving from town to Holland V, then back to PIE again that one right?

    Which one is the punk? HAHAHAHHAA!

    But I like the-IT-guy-who-jumped-ship already. 😀 So sweet! Next time I bring you to dempsey too!


  2. Hm. Edwin and I have discussed. It has to be more than that. He can’t be getting married JUST LIKE THAT! Cannot be, cannot be.

    Anyways, I have a new friend to intro you!!!! 😛

    (Yeah he’s a guy and I’m trying to be the matchmaker again, hahahahahahahaa!)


  3. p.sawyer says:

    car fanatic IS the one with lowered suspensions, town-holland v-PIE. LOL

    punk… don’t think i’ve told you before… but he’s quite a funny guy.. something like edwin… 嘴巴贱,but 心很好。

    anw, think IT guy’s planning to get married soon. hahahaha…

    bottomline: we are all just colleagues.


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