Unfathomable people in forums

i’ve been spending quite some time in Les Dames ever since i started work in Nov. what to do… not much work load, but yet i want to act busy… so i log into forums lah. anyway, besides the usual skincare & cosmetics section that i go to, i also go to the career section quite a bit. and i always *always* go to this career ranting thread. that particular thread has a frequent poster, whom i think if we have a frequent poster program, ala KrisFlyer, she would have gotten like 10 free tickets to antartica!

seriously, this member always complains about her job, like 4 times a day. she keep complaining abt the same stuffs, like she’s late for work, or that she has so many projects that she can’t breathe. i wonder, if she’s really that busy, what is she doing in the forum? stay out of the forum and get your ass back to work lah! i’m hardly busy at work, but when i’m busy, i really stick my nose into my work and stop going to the forum to surf and complain ‘damn busy’. really leh! every single day, morning, afternoon, night, complain about being busy. like wth?!

another member, also damn funny and kpo one. i’ve been holding some sprees lately, and the items have arrived. so i have to calculate how much is shipping etc, but because i’m hardly in the office these days, and i’m pretty much brain dead when i reach home in the evening (and thus don’t have the mood to do arithmetic stuff), i haven’t got time to do up the shipping/topup chart. this particular girl did not join my spree, but for some weird reason, actually has the time and energy to keep up with the updates of my sprees (which has absolutely nothing to do with her!). and so, she happily post and post and post bo liao comments in my thread. until i told her this “yes i do know how to do up my own charts. just that i haven’t got time to do it yet”. perhaps this made her realise how much of a noseyparker she has been, she stayed out of my way since then. i hope this maintains cos i don’t have the time for her!


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