i have quite a few pet peeves, some of which i think quite bo liao, but it really irks me. and unfortunately, my colleagues LOVE to do it to me, and see me get all huffed and puffed up. somehow, my reactions crack them up. DUH

the-car-fanatic loves to pull the back of my chair so that i lean backwards slightly. hate it cos i have phobia of falling backwards (who doesn’t?). even though i’ve told him and the others in the dept not to do that, he still does it from time to time. for the kick of it, or really forgot, i dunno. but me is not happy with him when he does that.

the-IT-guy always say things like ‘wah… you very smart leh… learn the ropes so fast, hen li hai leh!’. i know he’s praising me (or maybe just say to entertain me) but i also don’t like it. it makes me feel weird and squirmish. it puts pressure on me cos it’s like i’m expected to know everything but i don’t. and i hate it when i fall short of ppl’s expectations. i paid my dues too ok… don’t forget i joined the dept as temp staff in nov so certain things like product knowledge have already been drilled into my brain since then. i ought to be shot if i don’t know the products by now cos i’ve been doing inventory when i joined the company!


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