laptop woes, begone!

it’s been a week since my laptop died on me, and thanks to dad (maybe it’s just a sheer stroke of luck!), he managed to get my internet working again! so now, i’m happily blogging on my trusty old laptop.

i think i’m beginning to act like a hoarder cos i don’t change anything of mine. i don’t wish to change my laptop. don’t wish to change my phone, and even if i’m changing, i’m still getting samsung. don’t wish to change my keychain though moringo’s hook is almost falling apart.

so i was really surprised and pleased when i saw the action city at causeway point still selling the moringo keychain. i’ve searched many action city stores but i can never find it. thought they’ve stopped selling it. so while i was at the shop today, i bought myself a moringo keychain (looks a little deformed, but will get better in due time), a moringo huggie and a white tofu hp strap (which i’m going to use as a keychain).

=D) – that’s me grinning away with a double chin. ha


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