Love is…

when your loved ones understand you and give you support when required.
when your loved ones’ other half gives you the same amount of support as his other half.
when people you never expect to be nice actually makes the effort to be nice.
when you spend great amounts of time with your loved ones, just sitting there, doing nothing in particular, just enjoying each other’s company.
when you score a great bargain online.
when you’re still in the thoughts of others so far away.
when you smile to yourself as you think/miss of a certain individual.
when your heart goes thumpin’ when skin brushes against each other.
when you get all your food cravings satisfied.
when your tummy gets butterflies when you see a certain individual.
when egg tarts come your way at 8am in the morning

i never thought i would say this, but love is family, taffy, friends, jac (& mickey) and him.

– xoxo, me.


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