Thank you for the support, dear! =)

My very lovely friend decided not to take it lying down, and wrote an entry to defend me regarding a recent HWZ saga. Thank you! But as you know me, I don’t really care what people think about me. I don’t aspire to have the whole world idolizing me. As much as I don’t like certain people, others are entitled not to like me as well. That keeps things in equilibrium. Anyway, I don’t even know these people who blindly defend their goddess. They’re simply 闲人 who sorta have nothing better to do and go talk about people they don’t even know (or heard of before in their short lives).

*waves Hi to the HWZ visitors* it was nice having you guys around.


One thought on “Thank you for the support, dear! =)

  1. Haha what is more amazing is that they’d probably read about this, go back to their silly thread and bitch some more.

    Seriously, if there is indeed a problem, why not just leave a comment here and we could sort out any misunderstandings?

    Clearly, people just wanna bitch and feel good about “standing up for the good”.


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