status quo, not

i think, i would like to go back to my old life. just me and my family. that’s all i need.

i wish everything would just be still, even if for just a minute or two.

i could live like this, forever. this very moment. just us, chilling away in a quiet coffeeplace. us sitting on the couch, doing our own work, popping our heads to look at what each other is doing occasionally (but of course, he’s not allowed to look at me typing this entry. no freaking way!). us just talking about almost anything under the sun. me laughing and giggling at almost every joke (even if it’s the lamest thing in the whole wide world) he says.

but come end of the day, he’s back to his gf. i’m back to my family. life just goes on.

i don’t wish for it to repeat again. somehow, it reminds me of arthur and i do not like it one bit at all.

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