still a great weekend!

it’s kinda weird. someone from living green forum apparently sent another living green member my blog link to view. how i know? it’s all captured in my blog stats! what the hell is living green forum?!! 0.o? anyways, there are always some very bo liao people who can’t bear to see other ppl doing well, and get all so happy and excited when the other party is down. WHATEVER. can’t be bothered with such people. get a life is all i can say to them.

after my previous post, i’m glad to say that my weekends are never boring and ruined with J&E around! firstly, we went to bugis to do some walkabout, then we headed down to Foo House for dinner. it’s so good, i tell you!!! good food at a good price! thanks for recommending me this place! E and I had the hainanese pork chops, and it was really up there, on par with killiney’s! the cordon blue that J had was also fantastic. waiting pictures from J now.

and after dinner, it was the all-time favourite activity. mahjong at the Tays’. ha! i was feeling it tonight… wearing a red t-shirt and something else red. for some reason, i think red really is my colour this year. my work goes smooth whenever i change to red bands for braces. and nothing bad BAD happens! it probably is a calling to get a red car next. haha! i didn’t win much, but i didn’t lose either. way better than last week’s result (i lost $10 last week).

and i got to drive my car out today cos sis took my usual car. still trying to get used to it, if not i’ll have a hard time when my usual car gets replaced!

so who cares if my weekend was supposed to be ruined at 1.53am this morning?! and it wasn’t really ruined after i received a msg at 10.30am. funny that my nemesis would care!


One thought on “still a great weekend!

  1. It’s freaking sad how “The Nemesis” would have felt right now, sighhhh.

    BTW, living green forum is really cute! I’m a sprite if I’m a member there okokokok!

    And then if I behave, I become a faerie.

    And then.. maybe I’d become a Fairy Godmother!!

    Aiyo, too cute, too cute!


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