just another day

because my weekend was slightly ruined (for roughly 8 hours!), we had japanese food for lunch yesterday. my choice of cuisine, his recommendation, his treat. it was at hanabi, odeon towers. i think it’s pretty pricey, quite an atas place (whaddya expect? i even find sakae sushi’s standards acceptable! – sakae’s not good enough for him). food was pretty good (i had the grilled cod fish with cod roe and cha soba, while he had some bento set), but i didn’t really enjoy it. somehow, something was wrong with the atmosphere, like some tension of some sort. i think both of us felt it too. the tension i mean.

feeling kinda squirmish post-lunch, i decided to meet up with my favourite bitch since i was working in the same area as her yesterday. coincidentally, she wasn’t in the best of moods too. we (or rather, I) decided to go walking around in an attempt to cheer her up. i bought a pair of black patent heels (pretty similar to my red patent pumps but higher) at only $20.70! (pictures later!) super cheap deal. feeling hungry around dinner time, i gave her a treat of thai food at far east plaza. think it’s called “nana thai restaurant” or something like that. sadly, the name of the restaurant is misleading!!! thai food, NOT! the dishes they offered and served up were more of chinese tze char style. they don’t even have tom yum soup! like wth right? thai food w/o tom yum soup. nonetheless, the restaurant had some pretty good value deals. both of us shared a meal for 2 ($33.80) and we ordered a crispy sotong with cucumber dish, stir-fried scallops with kailan & oyster omelette (i think i still like our local version better. i love the starch!)

my favourite dish of the night was the stir-fried scallops with kailan. how unexciting.

this morning, i had my favourite breakfast (economic bee hoon with luncheon meat!) courtesy of someone nice. it’s the famous one that fav bitch recommended from chong pang. pity my stomach problems were acting up again since i woke up, so i didn’t have much of an appetite to enjoy it. but the chilli was quite good though (not good for stomach, however).

come lunch time, oh gosh. i went from starving (@11.30am) to not hungry anymore (@12.15pm) to ‘oh oh, is that my gastritis again?’ (@1+pm) to ‘ok i’m officially hungry now’ (@2pm) to ‘饿过头’ (@2.40pm). we had a meeting that ended around 1230pm, i was kept busy till abt 1+. left the office to meet him for lunch, but he was busy with his customer and only got away at 2.40pm. anyway, he already had lunch with his customer, so it was just me who was eating. i decided to go for crystal jade (小笼包 is always love). after i’ve ordered, we had this debate about crystal jade and din tai fung. then he dropped the bomb on me: there’s DTF on level 3. (*&^%$# oh well. there’s always next time.


2 thoughts on “just another day

  1. Hahahahaha! So you really got the economy bee hoon at Chong Pang?

    Next time ask for the economic Kway Teow- he has to be even earlier to get that. 😛

    Can we have Ding Tai Fung the next time round?

    Your treat. 😛


  2. p.sawyer says:

    yup… the bee hoon’s not bad. quite nice.

    he had the kway teow. i’m not really a big fan of kway teow cos super oily (& i had that quite frequently for the past mth or so… kway teow overload).


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