Ichiban Boshi, hit & miss

I drove sis down to town today since I had to be in the area for work. We decided to have lunch before meeting my customer, and settled on Ichiban Boshi at Centrepoint. I chose a hot stone dish while sis had a bento set. My meal was a garlic rice, topped with pickles and salmon, with a bowl of miso at the side ($9.90). Sadly, I was disappointed with how it looked. The pickles had no crunch to it, tasting and reminding me of Chinese kiam chye. =( And the flaked salmon on top was barely a handful. The garlic rice had no garlic flavour, and there was way more rice than pickles & salmon. I only ate abt 40% of it cos I was bored with it.

Sis ordered a fried chicken cutlet with Ichiban’s mayo sauce bento set with fruits, salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, rice and miso as sides ($17.90). Sorry that the picture turned out unappetizing… we were too hungry and sis was waiting for me to finish picture-taking to start digging in! The salmon and chawanmushi must be good cos I didn’t hear any complaints from sis. The chicken cutlet was fried to perfection, extremely crispy beneath the huge lashing of mayo sauce on top. But it still got a little je lat towards the end.

Though our experience at Ichiban was less than perfect this time, I believe it’s due to a bad choice. I’ve been to there several times before and it has always been good!


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