a usual food entry

we went all the way from the west to the east cos i needed to collect something, and it was back to the central for lunch. omg, lunch at tai hwa BCM was damn shiok as usual lah! this time, i need not say much for he remembers my preference: extra chilli and vinegar. i’m salivating all over again as i’m typing this. this tai hwa BCM might just convert me to eating pork all over again! according to the owner of the drink stall and coffeeshop, the 20mins wait is just ok, bearable. the wait on weekends is almost an HOUR! can you believe it? an hour’s wait for a humble bowl of BCM… this is testimony to the quality of food there!

sweet, sweet, SWEET!

the mandatory update over the weekend…

she, who loves me for all that i am & all that i am not. sidetrack: i totally look like a geek kid with my hair like that and specs. HA.

he, who likes me because he has no choice. HA.

we went to blooie’s (again, for me) because all 3 of us needed some chill time. work stress? since it was happy hour, and my 2 lovelies were ex-alcoholics, they needed to revisit their passion. so, stella artois it was! *how to pronounce ah?! art-tis, ar-too-is, art-wa? whatever lah… i’ll just call it STELLA!* but because i cannot drink for nuts, i only managed 2-3 sips and i offloaded the still-looking-full glass to lover.

mickey had chicken, lover had fish and i had beef. wah… what happened to camaraderie?

sorry about the less than appetising pictures. the biatch refused to take nicer ones.

the baby of the family!! (the dog, not me. but i can be one too, if you’d let me. =P)


2 thoughts on “a usual food entry

  1. p.sawyer says:

    the ones we took using my cam were really bad. i have ‘mimi’ eyes! hahaha… too ugly to put up lah!! but the pic of u and mickey is from my cam.

    overexposed photo of humans = flawless and pretty humans.
    overexposed photo of food = ugly looking food. LOL


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