of iron man and cds

yes, i watched iron man. surprising right? i usually shun such movies cos i’ve got zilch interest in comic-turned-movies. the show was pretty good IMO, at least good enough to keep me awake through the whole show though it got a little dull towards the end. Leslie Bibb was so hot! but still, if given a choice, i wouldn’t watch such a show… way too fictional for me. haha… i think i still prefer love stories like closer, the lakehouse and you’ve got mail, just to name a few. i gave in and watched a show that wasn’t my pick, so hopefully i’ll get to watch something i really want in future. perhaps something like What Happens in Vegas!

also bought some CDs as a CD shop was having 20% storewide discount. i decided to pick up a Jem CD and also a Delta Goodrem one. I love the way the two ladies sound… totally soft, gentle and sometimes heart-wrenching too.


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