thank you.

i don’t know if you’ll ever get to read this but all i wanna say is thank you. thank you for keeping me in your thoughts (well… occasionally!).

it’s been almost 3 years and frankly speaking, i still think about the times. not reminiscing, but thinking about it makes me stronger and not to repeat the mistakes i’ve made. i no longer hate you, nor do i dislike you. it’s just the embarrassment and awkwardness. we could have been such great friends, if only we did not rush into things.

it’s funny how i find myself caught in a similar situation now. i’m almost giving up because i don’t want things to end up being the same. you’d have thought that i should have already learnt my lesson and see the signs eh? oh well, i don’t know why am i letting you know about this, but i just wish you all the best. =)


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