watch out for flying knives

i think i’m too naive and simple minded. there are lots of people who are always looking out for any opportunities to get you down and highlight your mistakes to your boss.


luckily i have nice bosses.


adopting a happier tone, i think i’ve found my favourite coffee place to relax, but no, it’s not the coffee place he likes. it’s this new outlet that is still very quiet due to the rest of the building undergoing renovations. they have sofa seats with a power outlet just round the corner, so i’m always trying to get that table! haha.. but no worries if i don’t. they still have other sofa seats available. the staff are very friendly and bubbly. extreme cuteness (they’re mostly girls, but still cute nonetheless). when they got my drink wrong, they promptly replaced it and brought it to my table. when the barista spotted a customer taking sachets of sugar for his hot drink, she offered to put sugar directly into the mug for him. and when i left, they noticed my departure and said bye to me!

how very sweet!

as the place is relatively quiet during the day (most of the hustle and bustle happens only at night), i always enjoy going there to have a drink, clear my work and just relax my mind. and after today, my mind’s clearer than ever, and i already know what i want. =)


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