an embarrassing moment

ok, one of my greatest fears since i’ve passed driving would be me trying to get into a parking lot after several attempts to no avail, and i have to get one of the drivers waiting to help me park my car.

and it happened. yesterday. it was lunch time, so when he found a lot, he gave it up to me and he continued to search for another lot at a different level. i didn’t really notice where the lot was and overshot by a little. so i tried to park, in and out, out and in for at least 4 times. and by then, there was a LONG queue behind, waiting for me to get the damn car in, and the car in front of me was waiting to get out too. super embarrassing to the max lah!!!! and he was nowhere to be seen! i ended up asking the driver of the car behind to help me park.

after he got the car in, then he asked ‘you just got your license, still under p plates?’ wah laoooooooooooooooooo


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