you know jackshit

i wondered who’s the person who posted my blog link up at

she says i’m “so low in moral values and yet so proud and blatant about it”. she says “seems like being a third party and seducing someone who’s already attached is the trend right now”. true enough, what i did is wrong. but do i deserve to be called a slut? i bet you didn’t even read the whole story about me and him. what makes you think that I was the one who seduced him? do you even know how we started? kudos to you if you knew, because i myself don’t even know how we started. you don’t even know 10% about me, and there you are, judging me because of a few entries you have read, and because your own fiance almost left you. good for you that you 2 pulled it through. but as what some other members in the forum have said, you can’t assume and stereotype every 3rd party to be the same because each situation is unique and different.

but all i can say is DAPHNE ANG, you know jackshit about my situation. so don’t go judging me.

to the rest of the peeps from SB, i appreciate you people not being too quick to judge me, a total stranger to you. i am not defending myself, not covering up for him, but there are indeed too many things that have happened and not blogged about. what you get here is not the entire story, and i see no reason to put it all here because at the end of the day, i’m just a stranger to you, there’s no need for me to explain everything to people i don’t know.

it’s over between me and him now, and i would like to get on with my life please.




7 thoughts on “you know jackshit

  1. Don’t sweat the hatas sister – they don’t matter. The back-biters and the buckets in the crab hate you because they can’t be you. When you ignore them they go away, kind of like a child’s tantrum.


  2. Don’t think so much, like what the rest of the forumers have mentioned, she’s just being anal because her relationship has been once threatened by a 3rd party.

    Well, it looks like many, many, many people have the problem with your life. Not that you should do something about it, it’s time they minded their own business and keep their noses to themselves.


  3. Oops. Edited to add:

    Username: Daphne_ang
    Full Name: dahpne ang
    Last Logged In: May 16, 2008
    Registered: May 16, 2008
    Total Posts: 6
    Status: New member
    Age: 30
    Sex (M/F): F
    Occupation: Teacher
    Country: Singapore
    Wedding Date (DD/MM/YY): 2009

    A teacher some more. Ah geez.. And I guess she became a member, just to flame you.

    What an exciting life she’s leading, aint it.


  4. hi. just wanted to say don’t worry bout wat others (strangers) r saying. u hv family n friends who care bout u, n that’s really all that matters.

    take it easy.


  5. p.sawyer says:

    you know, haha, whatever. you don’t even have the guts to put in a real email or name. why should i bother about you? WHATEVER


  6. kris says:

    i didn’t know teachers blog about others bloggers too.. think they have got too much rules to blog about their students. dun worry la.. it;s jus a 30 yr old lady trying to learn about young gals’ life nowadays.
    cheer up.


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