watching ‘john tucker must die’ on tv on a lazy saturday morning. and suddenly, it hit me where that anonymous person on friendster who msged him came about. ha! whoever that person is, i wish to know you.


on another movie note, ‘what happens in vegas’ is so freaking hilarious. i cannot remember the last time i laughed like that. can i just say, cameron diaz is HOT. like super hot. her legs are to die for!!! but i thought the pairing is a little odd, like cameron’s kinda old for ashton. but hey… let’s not forget that ashton’s mr demi moore… so yeah, that could work too… storyline was predictable but still nice. gives people hope that love still exists somewhere out there, and it’ll hit you when you least expect it. =)

before movie, we went for sushi buffet. since it was a buffet, the guys went crazy and ordered a HELL lot. our table was constantly filled with food (15 plates) and more to come. the last i counted, we had taken in almost 30+ plates of food, and that’s only because some of the multiple servings came on a single plate… so i reckon we had abt 40+ plates of food? i only had abt 4-6 plates, the rest were shared among the guys. they’re so funny they make me laugh all the time. i just love my colleagues! and i was kinda surprised that IT-guy knew how i laugh (i always sound like i’m hyperventilating when i laugh damn hard LOL). it’s funny to see him imitating me.

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