yummy yummy in my tummy

this weekend has been oyster omelette overload! i love that greasy starchy stuff!

lunch @ beauty world foodcourt with the guys.

this was surprisingly good! IT-guy thought it was going to be mediocre since the stall was tucked in a corner with zero queue. $? IT-guy paid for this.

smoked salmon pizza which the 2 of us shared. $14

dinner with mum @ island cafe at tangs

crab bisque. $6

mum’s fish and chips that came with so much chips that i think it was to fill us up cos the fish wasn’t fresh. yucks. $? they upsized it to adult portion cos the only F&C on the menu was for kids.

my black pepper crab tung hoon. ’twas fine… i only managed abt 20% of it before i announced i was full. $13

another oyster omelette at cck.

sorry for the dark pic… but this oyster omelette was also pretty good. probably because i was starving and craving it, so wasn’t too picky. $5


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