i… =(

i got my tongue scalded while drinking clam chowder during lunch. ouch. =(


i’ve been so busy at work lately that i haven’t had much time to blog, even at night. i’ve not been eating well, feeling lethargic (even though i’ve been sleeping at 9+, 10pm for the past few days), having terrible headaches and body aches, and even my old friend, fainting spells. i don’t even get some quality sleep – kept dreaming about the same stuffs and it’s taking a toll on my mental health. tsk. i just hope this doesn’t carry on. i hate the days where i faint once/twice a month.


the clothes for SCC are finally in, amidst some run-ins with the stupid supplier. we’re also in the process for finding some plus-size clothings cos we realise that we don’t live in the supermodel world ourselves! bookmark 28 June as well cos SCC will be having its first ever flea market presence! we’ll have lots of fun there, so come join us yea?

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