after the =( entry, comes another on a happier note. it’s regarding work, and i feel quite accomplished.

no doubt i just got home half hr ago (@ 1030pm) after being at work the whole day (work days start at 8am). but the level of satisfaction that i get, is better than anything else. i feel so useful at work.

and i think there’s nothing wrong with my stomach. leftover (& cold) beef horfun has never tasted that wonderful before. i gobbled the measly amount up in a minute. i still get hungry, eat and keep the food down. i don’t think i’m having an eating disorder. so probably it’s only girl’s nature to keep feeling fat.

my body’s telling me that it’s tired now, but my mind is so wide awake. that reminds me. i need to go return the book i borrowed and get another one. jackie collins is top on my reading list now.


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