OMG, these are so pretty!!

I bought these after a meeting at my customer’s premises. The meeting was a group meeting in a small room so many of us had to stand throughout the 1.5 hours. I wouldn’t usually mind standing (hey, standing burns more calories than sitting!) but not today. I was wearing my new Aerosoles heels, and while they were comfortable – no blisters etc, my broad feet was suffering from the narrow front and the arches of my feet were complaining too. I bought a pair of heels pronto after the meeting ended.

And these are from DMK, only $39.90 from BHG! I think they resemble my long coveted Ferragamo Carla pumps, don’t you think?


Just went to darling Supergirl’s website and saw this good lobang! It’s a Singaporean website that allows us to try to samples of new products for free (at a minimal delivery fee). You start off by having 6 points (2 points per sample, so you can start off by having 3 samples). Earn more points when you review the product samples you’ve received. The more you try and review, the more samples you can get! Easy peasy right?

I’ve just signed up and am going to request for my samples tonight cos I don’t have my IB device with me right now. The website looks pretty promising and exciting!


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