er…. *squeals*

well, there’s nothing much going on right now, considering that i’ve been staying home the entire weekend reading my books. oh yea, i sorta injured myself when i tried a yoga pose and ‘cracked’ my hip joint. hurts like fuck cos i couldn’t lie down properly, couldn’t walk properly.

and i gotta go to bed soon cos there’s a US teleconference meeting at bloody 7am tmr morning, so that means i gotta get into office by 630am. just thinking about it makes me tired. – but ‘so you think you can dance’ is keeping me awake. i just love these music and dance shows.

ok… i think i have something great/happy to announce… *wide grin* my tummy is just too big to hide anymore.

i’m gaining so much weight, i look pregnant.

yeah right. preggers with an alien child. -_-”

feeling happy for me yet?


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