it’s easy to leave you.

Oh no. not another increase yet again. Everything is going up, including my stress level and weight, except our pays. With the increasing fuel prices and expected increase in ERP rates, I so feel like leaving SG. Pronto. I won’t be affected as much as the rest of the motorists, thanks to my very lovely company. The increase in petrol price is pretty much out of our control, but what about the ERP rates? This increase leads to an important question (the very important question that has been ongoing for very long). Will increasing the ERP rate really help to reduce traffic flow? Maybe in the initial stage, but as time goes by, people get irritated with the public transport system and rather pay that $5 levy to drive into the city. Then traffic builds up again, and then what? Increase the bloody ERP rate again?! It’s a stupid system I say. Though I love the convenience the ERP system introduced to shopping centres’ parking system.

And yesterday, I drove along Bt Timah Rd and saw that the ERP on CTE operates from 630pm to 1030pm. Use ERP during peak hours to regulate traffic, that I can understand. But from 630pm to 1030pm? Huh? To hinder people from going home? So if I’m staying in the North, and have to drive for work (no choice), and I want to avoid paying ERP charges because the company does not subsidise me for it, I have to either go home before 630pm or after 1030pm? SMLJ!?

Ever since I started driving, I don’t think I can go back to using public transport. No whiny babies, no kids running around being a major nuisance and their parents just don’t care, no horny perverted men who gei gei come close to you and try to touch you, no disgusting aunties/uncles who cough without covering their mouths and/or digging for gold AND THEN wiping it off on the MRT poles (major YUCKS), no irritating teens who play their music out loud (hey kiddo, ever heard of EARPHONES?). Ok, except for whiny babies who exist all over the world, I have never experienced any of the above in Perth.

I think I just need a break from the hustle of this tiny, crowded city that never sleeps.


2 thoughts on “it’s easy to leave you.

  1. @nn says:

    i sense your frustration! come back here lah! 😀

    But seriously, petrol prices are rising EVERYWHERE… it’s $1.70 per litre today… in *some* places… but it’s tipped that petrol prices will be at least $1.75 per litre by year end… 😛 Still, no dramas here… less frustration on the roads… and I’ve just discovered the WONDERFUL train system!! (and I’m not being sarcastic!) Love it to bits!!


  2. p.sawyer says:

    Guess what? Dad waited 25 FREAKING minutes for the bus today, and when it finally did come, TWO buses came together! WTH! Darn irritating that the bus schedule is not kept to, and the bus companies keep increasing their fares.

    Another reason to the ‘why SG is not really an ideal place to live in’ box.


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