My first Fr3b review!

Description from Sansho :

Sansho cosmetics-Skin Renewal Gel

Restores your skin simply, quickly, effectively

In pursuit of smoother, brighter skin? Seeking a solution to banish dry skin or refine pores? You’re not alone. Many women continue to try different brands without success or put their trust in expensive cosmetics, hoping that the price will be borne out by results if they use the products long enough. Skin Renewal Gel is different. Just as the name suggests, Skin Renewal Gel removes old keratin to renew and restore the youthful vitality of your complexion. Without this base, expensive cosmetics just don’t work the way they’re meant to!


Simply apply the gel and massage in gently. Old keratin is removed before your eyes. Unlike other products that rely on acids or scrubs, the ingredients in Skin Renewal Gel stick fast to old keratin and impurities to remove them without causing stress to the skin. Once this old keratin is removed, it is easier for lotions and essences to be absorbed, and skin feels firm and moisturized as cell turnover is improved. Experience the new life given to your skin as the active ingredients in Skin Renewal Gel even out pigmentation and reduce discoloration.

Active Ingredients:
Evening Primrose extract – Antioxidant/Whitenin properties
Seaweed extract-Moisturizing/Whitening properties

Price: unknown.

Review: Sansho products are formulated without fragrance and colourings, thus they are suitable for sensitive skins. This product has the same concept as Ginvera Marvel Gel, which is to get rid of blackheads and dead skin cells thru its gentle formula. The gel becomes watery after a few seconds of massaging it into the skin, and white little bumps/flakes appear (supposedly the dead skin). Skin is left smoother after rinsing it off. However, the sample is only good for 1 usage – not good enough to see much results.

Overall rating: smileystar.jpgsmileystar.jpgsmileystar.jpg

If you’re interested to get a sample before committing to a full-sized bottle, log on to now to be a member and enjoy free samples!


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