pulling a dawn yang trick?

it’s funny that i received an email from my ex-business partner, demanding that i apologise to her publicly (in 4 different places no less) for a “slandering post”.

Dear Daphne,

This email is written in regards to your post in psawyerbeauty.wordpress.com on the 13th July 2008. In it I quote you,

Following my departure from StickyChewyChoc (and no, I did not leave SCC “for my own pursues in life” as what my ex-business partner has said – I’m not a liar and I don’t condone lies either)

By writing this statement shows that you are implying that me, being your ex-business partner is a liar. You have also included StickyChewyChoc, which I own. Your post has deeply affected me and StickyChewyChoc. I have discussed with my parents about this issue, unless you show me that you have absolute proof that I was lying, I am now demanding you to remove your post and I request for a public apology for spreading malicious rumours about me and StickyChewyChoc in the following sites for a minimum of 2 months:

1. Both of your blogs- psawyer.wordpress.com and psawyerbeauty.wordpress.com
2. Les Dames – http://lesdames.proboards82.com/
3. Your livejournal account – http://madaboutsprees.livejournal.com/

In it, you must expressively make these points:

1. Your public apology should specifically be for me (xxx.livejournal.com

, Jacqualine and supergirl(: ), and stickychewychoc at xxx.livejournal.com
2. You did not have any specific proofs that I was lying.
3. You were out to make a malicious comment towards me and SCC.
4. You are sorry for the distress and the harm caused towards me and SCC.
5. You must clarify that both SCC and I are not liars such that whatever you have mentioned do not affect SCC’s business.
The public apology should be clear and not made private or password-locked. Forum surfers, your blog readers and your potential customers should also be able to access to your public apology without any problems. The thread in Les Dames should be visible for the entire 2 months. I hope to see the proof, or the public apology in three (3) days – that is by Thursday, 17 July 2008, 1800hours.

If I do not receive the proof or public apology which I have stated above, I will then consult with my family lawyer to have lawful actions taken against you.

yes, in my beauty blog, i wrote

Following my departure from StickyChewyChoc (and no, I did not leave SCC “for my own pursues in life” as what my ex-business partner has said – I’m not a liar and I don’t condone lies either)

why? because i left SCC not because of my own pursues in life as she has said. what happened was her bf decided to buy me over, saying that he wants to use SCC as a platform to help save up for their marriage.

now, ex-partner, do you NOT remember what edwin said? it’s funny that you can forget such a thing because just a couple of weeks before he said this, you specifically mentioned to me that marriage plans with him are on hold because he said so. so when he mentioned that he wants to use SCC to earn money to save up for marriage, i raised my eyebrows. and since he has made such a request, can i say no to not stepping back and allowing you two to go ahead with marriage plans? so no, i did not withdraw from SCC for my own pursues in life. i withdrew from SCC because ex-biz partner’s bf WANTED to buy me over.


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