complete randomness

hmm… let’s see… what has happened since the real last entry… i’m still as busy as ever, but busy is good. or so they say. i’m busy with work and watching online streaming. i finished an entire season of One Tree Hill in two days. that’s like 9 episodes in a day. my eyes are on the verge of bulging out already. but it’s soooooooo good! i just love One Tree Hill. and i’m so in love with Kate Voegele’s Kindly Unspoken at the moment. now… what show should i watch next? i’m done with Nip/Tuck, CSI and One Tree Hill. maybe House? or Numb3rs?

i’m planning a weekend trip to batam for spa and relaxation, perhaps some light shopping too. i want a break, but i don’t wish to waste my leave on somewhere near. rather save the days for a year end trip.

p/s: i miss you. all of you.


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