@ justin’s – always a riot

we (kenny and me) went to justin’s place for his 21st birthday party tonight. as usual, anything organized by him is fun. i’m always amazed by the boy’s maturity level. it’s just surprising to see a young boy with an old soul. the words he speak, the way he sees things. i’m older than him, but i think he can be much more mature than me (oh, isn’t everyone?)

besides being good in languages (did i tell you this boy is a fantastic MC and just spouts wisdom nuggets all the time?), IT-savvy, he takes really great pictures. justin printed out LOADS of photos he took when we were in Perth, and put them into albums for guests to view. flipping through the albums sure brings back memories – makes all of us nostalgic. he once took a picture of me and it’s my favourite picture to date. favourite of all times!

it was great seeing the UWA people again. everyone’s all graduated and working adults now. no more students. i think we all miss the old days.

happy birthday mr ko!! *how lucky are you to be spending your 21st birthday here… otherwise, i’m sure siva, eddy and the gang will tekan you! hahaha…

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