i need 48 hours

work has been CRAZILY busy these days. i’m feeling the heat and pressure, and feel that i’m about to break apart. ANYTIME SOON. i hardly have time to talk to my colleagues, friends and family, no time to eat (macdonald’s drive through is my new best friend now), i go home at the end of the day, tired and drained out. no wonder Sally says I’ve lost a lot of weight – look at my daily schedule:

6.40am: wake up & prepare for work
7.30am: leave home for office
8.00am: reach office and get mobbed by almost everyone
9.30am: breakfast
10-3pm: answering emails/visiting stores/PR with operations people
3pm: lunch on the go/store operations
7.00pm: home w/o dinner
8.00pm: snack
11pm: bedtime

i find that time passes really quickly when i’m on the road, and it’s times like these that i wish there are more hours in a day. during the day, i often see things/incidents/events that i’d like to blog about, share with you guys, but when my brain refuses to obey me when i’m home.

anyway, here i am now, just finished my LUNCH (yea, lunch @ 5pm) and taking a short breather before i continue my busy day. i just bought my 2nd rootote (1st rootote was bought online, and in the mail now!) at Funan (Standard Stationary @ Level 2). Cheap cheap too, only S$29 for medium size. you know how much it costs online? freaking US$28!! crazy pricing!


i need more new clothes – none of my clothes fit me nicely now. and no, it’s not another excuse to shop. it’s either i alter my existing ones, or get new ones.

*sigh, gotta hit the roads again.

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