quick question

ok, i’m going to be really random. anyone knows of a cheap and good cobbler? i’ve got several pairs of shoes (which i love alot!) that need to be resoled or replacing their heel caps or need to fix their insoles. cobblers like mister mint cost abt $10 for a simple job of replacing heel caps… they’re going to cost me almost 2 pairs of shoes if i were to bring all my shoes for repairs there!

pls leave me a msg if you know of any good cobblers!


One thought on “quick question

  1. kris says:

    there’s one at marsiling where my dad work last time.
    i dunno if he’s still there.. so the market going thru renovation.
    is cheap too.. becos he jus got his toolbox and his little chair and sit down at the bicycle parking lobby and mend his little business.
    it doesnt cost me any cents as daddy is bery kind to him and he did my shoes for mi free.
    but he charges ppl bery cheap. prob less den 5 bucks.
    is at blk 19 marsiling drive. T-juction is the Shengxiong main office.


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